Lucy Vincent Beach

Updated: May 12, 2021


by far one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island, located in the heart of Chilmark, this beach is one-of-a-kind. Beautiful clear water with waves that can get absolutely humongous, clay cliffs, dramatic monolithic rock formations and the long stretch of sparsely-populated sand.

Unfortunately this beach is also famous for it’s fast erosion, that is getting stronger every day, since the two powerful storms in the winter 2012/2013 hit the beach up. Before that the beach had a “bridge” that divided it in two parts and one of them was more of a nudist beach, but today it’s even not recommended to walk, swim or stand close to the high cliffs.

The beach got her name upon a real women, that was living in a barn up the hills and was very ahead of her time. She was librarian in the Chilmark library and well known around that area. Her original name was Lucinda Pool Mosher, later married to Myron Vincent. At that time, the beach was going by other names, like Barn House Beach or Blue Mailbox Beach. Today the entrance to the beach in the high season is only with a Chilmark. town permission, but off season is free for visiting.

We strongly recommend you to visit it sooner, because it might not be around for long time and it's a pity to miss one of the most beautiful Vineyard beaches.

photo credits : @drwanderlust